Solstic Twenty-Four (30 packets)

Solstic Twenty-Four (30 packets)

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Get 100% of the recommended daily value of 13 vitamins with Solstic Twenty-Four, a convenient, energizing powder you add to your water!



  • Provides at least 100% of the Daily Value for 13 vitamins.
  • Supports the immune and cardiovascular systems.
  • Offers bone support through calcium absorption.
  • May improve energy and stamina.

How It Works:

Solstic Twenty-Four offers 24 hours worth of primary nutrition in a convenient single-serving drink packet. It features vitamin D3 for immune mood and bone support; vitamin K to help with calcium absorption and cardiovascular support; and B vitamins for energy and stamina. Solstic Twenty-Four also contains many other vitamins and minerals.


Vitamin A vitamin C vitamin D vitamin E vitamin K thiamin (B1) riboflavin (B2) niacin vitamin B6 folic acid vitamin B12 biotin pantothenic acid calcium magnesium zinc potassium scFOS natural citrus sweetener natural flavors beet root extract tartaric acid and stevia leaf extract.

Recommended Use:

Empty the contents of one Solstic Twenty-Four packet into 1416 oz. of cold water shake and enjoy. Take one packet daily.

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